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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 16, 2009 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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i am bill o'reilly. the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. sean: tonight -- >> we cannot allow this issue to be delayed. sean: government-run health care could only be weeks away. >> we quite frankly cannot go home for a recess. sean: sounding the alarm on socialized medicine. >> the democrats introduced their version of health care reform. this is what it looks like. sean: republicans reveal the blueprint of a universal nightmare. >> some of the jobs that have been lost in the auto industry and elsewhere won't be coming back. >> some of those jobs aren't coming back. sean: barack obama takes a page from john mccain's playbook. major news on the soldier who questioned the president's citizenship. hanoi jane is back to her old ways. details on the white house czar with a communist past. a lawsuit to ban the pledge of
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allegiance from the grounds of the u.s. capitol. all of that plus congressman j.c. watts, pollster frank luntz and supermodel kim alexis. "hannity" starts right now. the universal health care nightmare is knocking at your door. yesterday, house democrats unveiled sweeping legislation that would slam almost every business with a penalty equal to 8% of their payroll if they fail to provide health insurance for their employees. now, it also slaps additional taxes on the country's highest earners. it looks like the democrats are using every political issue in this country as an excuse to hike your taxes. and that is our headline this wednesday night. playing politics with your health. now, today, the senate health committee passed a $1 trillion health care overhaul. and get this, it's called the "affordable health choices act." republicans were shut out of the drafting process and as a result, they were forced to offer more than 100 amendments to the democrats' shoddy bill. republicans charge that the
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senate bill will plunge the nation further into debt but nail to provide americans with any real choice when it comes to their health care. let's take a look. >> that bill gets an f. it's important that we get it right. that bill got it wrong. >> the bill includes a government plan that c.b.o. says will force millions of americans out of their current coverage. out of the coverage that they now want and believe in. and into the government plan. that's not keeping what you have if you like it. and it will also leave millions of americans uninsured. >> i'm extremely disappointed and sad to say that it is not the people on this stage who will be hurt by the democrats' partisan approach. it's all americans. sean: and joining me to discuss today's events and much more are the co-hosts of the jerry and fred show, senator fred thompson and good to see you. i'll get into this in a second. and you're in trouble by the way and i'll explain.
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we're going to go -- we're going to show our audience in the next segment, john boehner came out with this chart. we're going to show everybody this chart how bad and bureaucratic it is. how important, senator, is it to stop this bill? >> well, i think extremely important. it's the first step to a nationalized health care system that we've seen operate around the world. and if you want to stand in long lines and pay money that you don't have, put it on our grandchildren, then it will be for you. but that reminds me an awful lot of the chart, the hillary clinton chart of 1994. you remember that one? the rube goldberg type deal. and i think this is going to fail for the same reason. sean: you really believe -- democrats, there is some sign, that some democrats are balking. they went home after their vote on cap and tax and they got an earful. do you think that there's going to be the political will, will democrats, reed -- reid, pelosi
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-- >> we'll see what they're going to do with this. but this chart to me, if anyone has children or remembers their own childhood, this is shoots and ladders and there ain't no ladder up and only shooting down to have no choices at all. if anyone has a veteran in their family and know what veterans health scare like, this is what our lives are going to be like. sean: one of their big talking points is this will put everybody at ease and take away your fears. why do you think there's so much confidence that people have confidence that the government can solve their problems? >> who was it that said i find -- if i knew someone was coming over to my house to help me i would run fast in the other direction? that's the way we ought to feel about this. it's not -- that's why they're panicking. because they don't want the american people to have time to look and see what's in this bill. that's why the president is coming back and rushing and pusherring the hammer down on the house and senate democrats. but as you get into it and look at it, people understand you
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don't save money by spending tremendous amounts of money. the president's right. he takes the truth, which is the medicare is going bankrupt, and he's not -- wants to force everybody onto a medicare-type system. and he brings 45 million, 46 million people into the system that are not there now, he says, and that's supposed to save money? sean: what is the best way for the republicans to stop this? >> it's to pick it apart and you have to talk about costs. and spending money that we don't have for a plan that we are not going to want once we look through it. we've got multitrillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see. $1.8 trillion deficit by the end of this year. and unprecedented levels. you talk about additional $1 trillion or $3 trillion here. nobody knows yet. then you got to talk about rationing. the only way that you can lower health care costs at a time when technology is increasing. more ways to save our lives. the -- to lower costs is by rationing. you can do that through a free market system where people
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decide themselves what they want to purchase. and you can do it through the government. and that's -- that's why they want to force everybody into a medicare type system where they can call the shots. that's the kind of treatment your mother or your son or daughter can have. sean: we got an infomercial, media mentality out there where you aren't getting the scrutiny that we're going to give to this. not only tonight but in the weeks to come. they're trying to rush this through. i think that obama senses that his political capital is beginning to wane. the polls show that eight out of 10 key issues that republicans lead, that the democrats are too liberal, the country on the wrong track, will they be successful without having any american read this thing? >> they're going to do the very best they can and that's why august is so important. like it was for immigration fight. and we have to go home. we have to tell our parents, we have to tell our friends and everybody we know that this isn't what -- this isn't what's going to make us healthy. sean: on a scale of one to 10, how important is it this is stopped in terms of preserving
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the america that we know and the greatest health care system we have? >> i don't know how it could get any worse. sean: meaning this bill? >> i don't know how it could get any worse. knowing what this will lead to i don't know how it could get any worse. it will bankrupt our children and grandchildren and it's going to give us worse health care. what could be worse than this? sean: it's a linchpin to a lot of things. the first major step in changing the face of american society. i think it's that important. sean: that important. that dangerous. you guys host a radio show together every day. >> that's right. sean: what's the name of the show? >> it's called the fred thompson show. sean: the fred thompson show and you co-host every day? >> what a setup. i can't believe i'm falling into this. sean: you're there every day? >> i try to be. and -- sean: and co-host the show? >> i don't do as much work. sean: you talk as much. sometimes more. >> yes. sean: can i ask you a question? why will you not allow your wife to be named in the show? >> you know, we take turns. i call it the jeri thompson the
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show the other day after badgering by you. sean: why don't we call it the jeri and fred show? >> jeri gets top billing, she is going to be in a position where she could probably can me. and i'm not going to run that risk. sean: the fred and jeri show? >> the truth of the matter -- sean: it sounds like tom and jeri. >> you -- sean: we're going to put the poll back on my web site, and whether you should include your wife in the name of the show. >> you had that poll. sean: who won? >> let's put it this way. i'm in the fogs where i have to listen to -- i'm not in the position where i have to listen to polls anymore. sean: we're going to follow this issue very closely. and coming up, john kerry, he can't get headlines any other way so he's turned to the tried and true method of attacking governor sarah palin. we have those details coming up in 90 short seconds and later,
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sean: jair palin wrote -- sarah palin wrote an email -- response, writing in the huffington post, he said the following about climate change. governor palin need look no further than the view from her
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front porch in alaska to see how destructive the crisis can be. oh, great one, senator. was that from your priririririr
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sean: and tonight in your america, as we have been telling you, the democrats' health care plan includes massive tax hikes and forces millions of americans to switch service providers. and if they have their way, socialized medicine could become a reality in the u.s. in just a few short weeks.
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now, earlier today, house minority leader john boehner wanted to show just how ridiculous and insane and inane the democrats plane is so he unveiled an organizational chart outlining the system. here with a closer look at this bureaucratic nightmare is fox news channel's griff jenkins. >> that's right, sean. they call it a bureaucratic nightmare. a flow chart of the democrats' health plan. i call it candyland. whatever it is, it's a lot of government between you and your doctor. let's take a look. you have the health care provider here. that's this nice nurse. you have the health insurance exchange, you have the bureau of health information. you have mandated insurance. you have medicaid s-chip medicare and the congress and you have the president, you have anhq, a bunch of letters. i don't know what this means. you have this thing and that thing and that's a lot of circles. let's take a quick look and see if we can get through candyland, to your doctor. if you start with the health
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care and go over here, sean, to the health insurance exchange, your private insurance, but might send you through the government inspector general and have to go through medicaid, medicare, and go through the health insurance information area and go over here, got to do that and this, and i'm lost and i don't know where i am. and what's that? that's the i.r.s. and what's it connected to? oh oh. come down here. it's the consumer. the american taxpayer. that's who it is. and i was playing around with it a little bit. what happens if the advisory committee decides to look into the community health care center and they decided thatd financial disclosure, stick with me here, decided that the reinsurance program didn't work, what do you got? you got a sad face there. well, for argument's sake, the democrats say what if you just started -- the republicans, that is, say what if you just started with the doctors and went straight to the consumers? you would have -- you would have straight forward health care. you wouldn't have all of that.
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sean? sean: all right. and thanks, griff. joining me to weigh in on this universal health care nightmare is former oklahoma congressman j.c. watts. congressman, always good to see you. >> thank you. thanks for having me on. sean: first of all, i got my chart version here and we'll put it on the screen. you see this entire bureaucratic nightmare. your initial thoughts. >> well, i saw the government chart, i saw this chart online today. but sean, what this basically amounts to is bureaucratic goo to you, the consumer. and it's going to be very, very devastating to health care, all the arguments that's been given. they are accurate. it's going to cost us more. it's -- you're going to have a government doctor that has the demeanor of the i.r.s. so it's not going to be good for the end user which is the consumer. nor will it be good for doctors. sean: the democrats put out their talking points. we know how they're going to sell it and it's going to be the same mantra. we'll hear this for the entire time we debate this that it
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will increase cost and competition. that's not true. the c.b.o. scored it and told us otherwise. "it's going to give americans peace of mind and improve the quality of care for every american. it will ensure shared responsibility." that sounds like karl marx would be pretty proud. but as you listen to these talking points that they're going to regurgitate in these bumper stickers, will that be effective in convincing the american people? >> well, i think the american people are catching on. i think -- you've got to be repetitious in terms of opposing it. and putting out there the facts as to why we do oppose it. and i think the opposition is that it's not going to create competition when you got a government-run system. the mission is to run everything into the government. what's it going to cost? it's going to make our premiums go up. nobody wants that to happen. and how -- how do we pay for it? sean, when you have bureaucrats -- when you have bureaucracy
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like this, the only way you can get money into the government system, tax on one's personal income, tax the corporate income, or put a fee on something that they use. or to borrow it. but if you borrow it and pay it back by taxing someone's personal income, taxing the corporate income or putting a fee on something, that the american people use. this is going to be a monstrous cost to the end user which is the consumer. you're going to have the demeanor of your doctor, they will have the demeanor of the i.r.s. not good, no way you look at it. sean: not good, no way you look at it. how bad on a scale of 1-10? >> well, i think any time the government takes over something, it's not good. look at everything over the last 45 years or 40 years that the government has gotten involved in something. it's worse today than it was when they got involved. delivering social services. education. we're fighting battles in terms of education. we're fighting battles in terms of public housing. you name it.
12:18 am
everything that the government's gotten involved in, they take it over. they push out the competition. and it becomes bad and costs more to the consumer and to the taxpayer. so use the common sense arguments and ask the question, what has government done over the last 40 years that it's better in the government than it is private sector? sean: i can answer the question. nothing. and that's the point. now, medicare, their projected costs was -- it was seven times what they had projected that it would ultimately cost the american people back when the numbers came out in 1990. where are we with the political reality? democrats are now suggesting that they can do this on their own. that they don't need any republicans. you got 52 blue dog democrats saying you know what? we're a little skittish about it. the american people are upset about spending and think we're in the wrong direction. politically can democrats pull this off? >> well, i think if you -- you got some midwestern democrats.
12:19 am
you got some conservative democrats from the south. you got the blue dogs. and i do think they're pretty responsible people. i hope that they will take a serious look at it. i hope they will not push this down the throats of the american people. politically, they've got the numbers. with the majority that they have in the house, they could allow those midwestern southern democrats, allow them a pass and still pass it. so still a lot of work that needs to be done to get this thing defeated. sean: j.c., good to see you. thank you as always for being with us. we appreciate it. and coming up, so what is jane fonda wearing the anti-war protester went out on the town in
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sean: and tonight in "hannity," during the 2008 presidential campaign, senator john mccain was criticized by democrats and the media for his straight talk about michigan's economy. now, in particular, he was attacked after he made this statement. >> i've got to look you in the eye and tell you that some of those jobs aren't coming back. sean: since democrats in the media slammed senator mccain for those remarks they surely are not going to be happy about this. >> the hard truth is that some of the jobs that have been lost in the auto industry and
12:24 am
elsewhere won't be coming back. sean: that sounds awfully familiar. and yet where is the outrage from democrats and the obama mania media? we told you yesterday about an army reserve soldier who challenged his deployment orders on the grounds that president obama has not proven that he is a u.s. citizen. that soldier, major stefan frederick cook, who was supposed to deploy to afghanistan in the coming days, has now had his orders revoked, according to his lawyer, "they just said order revoked." no explanation. no reason. just revoked. major cook and his lawyer expressed joy at this outcome. and they took it as an admission on the part of the military that the president is not in fact a legitimate citizen by birth. and actress fitness guru and political activist jane fonda recently showed up in hollywood in an interesting getup. she was sporting a t-shirt with her mug shot on it. fonda was wrongfully arrested on drug charges on her way back
12:25 am
from an anti-war fundraiser in 1970. the drugs that fonda was accused of smuggling turned out to be vitamins. ms. fonda famously posed on a north vietnamese anti-aircraft gun in the middle of the vietnam war. now, maybe you should throw that picture on a t-shirt. treason. that's certainly a legacy to be proud of. don't you think? and once again, it's time to say goodbye to "hannity's america" and take a trip to the land of czars. this is van jones, the man selected by barack obama to serve as his green jobs czar. before arriving in washington, jones had a long and distinguished record as a radical environmental activist. and he also has another lengthy record under his belt. but a criminal record. jones was arrested on at least two occasions. once during the rodney king riots in los angeles and then
12:26 am
again several years later during protests in seattle. with a record like that, it's good that jones didn't need to be confirmed by the u.s. senate. and by the way, to top it all off, in the 2005 newspaper article, jones openly acknowledged that he was once a communist. well, then probably he should feel right at home in the land of czars. "hannity's america" continues in two short minutes with a stimulus outrage. guess what? your tax dollars being used to retrieve crab trar
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awake with memory loss for the event as well as abnormal behaviors such as being more outgoing or aggressive than normal, confusion, agitation and halluciations may occur. don't take it with alcohol as it may increase these behaviors. allergic reactions such as shortness of breath, swelling of your tongue or throat may occur and in rare cases may be fatal. side effects may include next-day drowsiness, dizziness, and headache. in patients with depression, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide may occur. if you experience any of these behaviors or reactions contact your doctor immediately. wake up ready for your day-ask your healthcare provider for 2-layer ambien cr. sean: as democrats in the house and senate try to rush their health care bill through congress before the august recess, they're not having much luck gathering republican support. but will the white house be satisfied with the health care bill passed down party lines? increasingly, it looks like the answer is in fact yes. obama senior advisor david
12:31 am
axelrod, he told bloomberg news, "ultimately this is not about a process. it's about results. if we're going to get this thing done, obviously time is a wasting." and white house chief of staff rahm emanuel said the test isn't whether they voted for it. the test is whether the final product represented some of their ideas and i think it will. but how much will the american people react to all of this? joining us now with thoughts on the issue is the president of the word doctors, frank luntz is back with us. >> time is a wasting? sean: time is a wasting. what's the rush? >> does he not understand that the american people would rather have this done slowly, carefully, and correctly, than risk this economy and risk challenging and changing this health care passage. the most interesting quote i've seen in the last couple of weeks is chuck schumer and he said, and i quote, "the devil is in the details." i think that quote is going to come back to haunt him.
12:32 am
sean: what words would work best for republicans in this debate and what words would work for the democrats? but before we get that, you're always dialing and we're looking at these ads. and because basically this is the narrative that's going on on the outside and those trying to influence the american people. we have our first ad. set it up. >> patients first put together this ad. it's about an individual victim who talks about still being alive because she got american care. very powerful. you can see the republican line just shoot up. the democrats don't do quite as well but it personalizes health care. let's take a look. >> almost everyone agrees we should reform health care. but many in congress want to create a government-run health insurance plan paid for by taxpayers at huge costs. independent experts say tens of millions of americans could lose their current health insurance and wind up on the public plan. england already has government run health care and their breast cancer survival rate is much lower. if you find a line, could you wait months for treatment and
12:33 am
potentially life-saving drugs could be restricted. government control of health care here could have 300,000 american women with breast cancer might have died. sean: that hit your magic numbers. what we call your magic number 70. >> among republicans. democrats lower. they talk about government control. government takeover still a more powerful phrase. but that add -- ad grabs people. everyone in america knows someone who has suffered from breast cancer. and tragically, a lot of us know people who have died from breast cancer. imagine having to wait weeks just for the test and months for the treatment. sean: i have been trying to tell this audience and i spend a lot of time on my radio show reading articles and we've done it from canada, france and great britain, the one that struck me the most, on long island, in new york, breast cancer, almost one in seven, one in eight women get breast cancer. my mother was one of them. at the time. and what's amazing about this is the national -- the government rationing body in britain denied women
12:34 am
life-saving drugs because they couldn't afford them. that was a death sentence, frank. >> and you used the word ration. what the public is even more afraid of is the time that it takes. yes, that's part of rationing. two components one is time and the other is information. in germany they don't tell you what medication you're qualified for because they want to deny it because it's too expensive. one more ad. sean: let's take a look. >> washington now runs your banks, insurance, and car companies. but do you trust washington with your life? congress is rushing to take over health care, too. paid for by $600 billion in new taxes. and cutting $400 billion from medicare. plus tens of millions will lose their current insurance and wind up on the government health plan. what will happen to your family's health care? if washington runs it? sean: you were telling me this is the weakest although the numbers did go 75 on the republican side. >> and they went to 44, almost 50 among democrats. everyone thinks health care needs to be changed and believe the uninsured need to be
12:35 am
covered. what they are so frightened of is that we will destroy the entire health care system to cover these people. there's got to be a better way. sean: all right. one of the things you have been pointing out as we've been showing these ads to our audience is that it seems to work better when the professionals, the doctors, the nurses, those ads seem to work better. >> the real people. nobody wants to hear an announcer. this is something -- i say that to people producing the ads. when the american people are watching this, if they hear an announcer it says that this is political, partisan, negative. but if the person themselves, either the patient or the health care professional is speaking, it has so much more credibility. sean: one of the things you do so well is you like to break down the words that work. for example, the democrats are now trying to make the case that this is the affordable choice health care system. which is -- a distortion. >> the person who's using my language, because i did some work on this, more than any other united states senator, isn't a republican. it's connecticut senator chris
12:36 am
dodd. sean: so what i want to do is if republicans are out there watching, congressmen and senators, and we know you watch, or people in the white house right now, rambo dead fish is watching, what advice would you give? >> you really want to get audited, don't you? sean: it's a done deal but i pay my taxes. my fair share and then some. but what would you advise the democrats? what would be their best use of words? >> first thing is you have barack obama talking about health care. not nancy pelosi. every time that pelosi comes on they lose 50,000 votes. obama still has the perfect messaging. and what he says is there are some people out there who want to do nothing. he sets up a straw horse. it's not accurate because all the republicans want legislation. but by saying the republicans are for nothing and he's change for american the american people are for change. sean: he said the cynics will say and so that's part -- you would argue that it would be best for him to continue. what else would you recommend that you have -- >> they have to define it as the public option, not the
12:37 am
government option. if you call it a government option, support for it collapses. if it's a public option, then it's for the guy behind the camera there. it's for everybody. but two things, number one is flase a petition out -- one is there's a petition out that says you have to read every word. it's brilliant. and second, they should require members of congress to have to sign up for this government option. if you're going to pass it, you should have to take it. sean: that would be good for the republicans. let's go through the republicans now. the republicans that want to stop this, that think it's bad for america, that it's unsustainable, that we can't afford it, that they'll -- there will be rationing and hurt the health care system or destroy it, what do they say? >> that sounds pretty good to start but it's a government-centered health care plan or a patient centered health care plan. that's the difference. already the democrats, because they're rushing this so much, it does look like it comes from government. you got half a dozen committees dealing with it right now. the second one is the takeover. we talked about. third is that under the democratic plan, your care will be denied. that phrase denied is so
12:38 am
powerful. sean: who's doing better making their points? >> the republicans are doing better for this reason even though a lot of americans don't hear them. i'm watching the polling very carefully. the support for obama's plan has dropped 10 points in three weeks. sean: is it because it's cumulative now? stimulus, omnibus debt, deficits, it's becoming all part of one big thing? >> and because people personalize it. health care is not ideological or partisan. health care is about me and my family. moms are looking and afraid of what it means for their children and parents. sean: we will watch this very closely because in the weeks to come, they're trying to rush this through, so people have got to pay attention now. >> exactly. sean: frank, good to see you. good work. and time to check in with greta van susteran for a sneak peek of how she's going to stump me tonight in 21 short minutes from right now. greta. greta: i'm not kidding. we have a video tonight that is going to unglue everybody when they see it. it's so bad. it's stunning how bad it is. i'm not kidding. you got to stick around. it will make everyone crazy it's so bad.
12:39 am
then -- governor palin -- sean: what's the video? greta: seriously, you have to see this because -- i'm not going to tell you because you will not believe there's -- that new england like this could happen by your government. you -- that anything like this could happen by your government. sean: and governor palin. greta: governor palin hit with ethics complaint number 20 so her lawyer will be joining us. and senator john kyle may be -- john kyl may be getting blackmailed. we will have senator kyl joining us but this video, it enraged all of us on our staff. and did you get your d.v.d. of my baseball hitting? sean: i'm going to see your baseball hitting and i'm going to go to a major league park and i'm going to compare my hitting with yours. and we'll do -- greta: fair enough. sean: and we'll do it together. greta: happy to do that. but this video, maybe i'm nuts about this video but wait until you see it. sean: let not your heart be
12:40 am
troubled. the american panel straight ahead.  gecko vo: geico's the third-largest
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sean: and tonight on our great american panel, he is the editor of, one of the largest conservative communities online. eric erickson is here. he has worked at the "washington post" serving as an editorial writer, op-ed
12:44 am
columnist and white house correspondent, fox news contributor juan williams is with us and she is a supermodel and the host of tv land's hit reality series "she's got the look." here's a look. >> as a model over 35, many of you are juggling families and jobs, while trying to pursue a modeling career. well, today, art i tates life in -- art imitates life in your leg-up challenge. you will be portraying a working woman be pulled in all different directions. you'll be working with children and a dog. no easy task. you're going to need to concentrate and keep your cool while still getting a good photograph. sean: all right. good thing i'm not in that reality series. kim alexis is with us. good to see you, guys. thanks nor being with us. we'll start with something fun. barack obama, baseball, all-star game last night. a lot of boos. let's watch. here he is. >> the united states of >> the united states of america.
12:45 am
america. sean: first of all, they don't show the picture. the rumor is the first baseman who was playing catcher, had to jump out because it was going to bounce. but you heard a lot of boos there, juan. >> boos? sean: a lot of them.
12:46 am
>> i think that the hearing is going with your age. >> i'm a little hard of hearing and i heard the boos. >> i didn't hear any boos. and did you see the cap rass going off? come on -- the cameras going off? come on. are you trying to start something here tonight? sean: i'm only pointing out that he got booed. by a pretty good significant -- >> a few boos. a man who is president of the united states in the midst of lots of controversy. come on. >> i heard some boos. i did hear some boos. sean: three boos and one applause. >> if you're saying did you hear any, i don't know -- sean: pretty loud. >> a guy calling for a beer? [laughter] [laughter] >> herec1
12:47 am
>> a lot of politicians think that. a lot of people pushing this are not willing to sign up for it. they want to tax working families and small businesses to pay for it. they cannot even run medicare and medicaid without significant fraud. how are they going to be able to pull this off? >> i think even hugo chavez says barack obama has bitten off more than he can chew. is he going too far by raising this through and being a partisan bill? >> no. i think health care reform is needed in the united states. i think too many people are uninsured. people want a better health-care system. so you think social security is a mistake?
12:48 am
>> sells a security is bankrupt. >> so we should not have a social security system? >> you are making my point. >> if you go back generations and you say we we're going to have social security and take care of people in need, especially our elderly, if you think the pursuit -- prescription bill was necessary and proposed and put in place by republican administration is a bill that takes care of the average american person, americans would say good thing. >> i just think it is a very complicated issue. i do not understand why there is
12:49 am
such a rush. how can you fix everything? >> do you want some help? the reason is republicans who do not have any idea on how to fix the system -- if it goes into 2010, they will not be able to get anything done because it is too highly politicized. >> in the scoring of the bill in its current form, 36 million americans are still uninsured. 20 million americans will be forced into the government system. >> people want a better health- care system. every government system that we know up their -- there was a video in canada whose dog can get to the doctor any time, but she has to wait a while to get to see the doctor. >> we have nothing to really look out -- liggett is a we want
12:50 am
to be like them. >> most people want quality care. >> do they want to pay for it? >> i do not see the canadiens were the british saying we have to get rid of this health-care system. >> we get the rich. they come here. >> i am just saying the real problem is the average american family's sake the cost of health care in this country is going to bankrupt us. most bankruptcies in this country is because the people trying to pay medical >> we will.
12:51 am
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i'm sorry. i can't hear you very well. announcer: does someone you know have trouble hearing on the phone? dad. dad, let me help you with that, okay? announcer: now, a free phone service shows captions of everything a caller says. i'd like to make an appointment to see the doctor. announcer: to learn more about captioned telephone, call 1-800-552-7724 or go to our website. i'll see you at 3:00! announcer: captioned telephone - enjoy the phone again! sean: and we continue with the
12:55 am
great american panel. all right, the foundation filed a lawsuit yesterday. what they are looking to do is to seek to block the architect from putting in god we trust and the pledge of allegiance on the capital visitors center in washington, d.c. why is there so much hostility from the left about god and in our founding documents? >> and there is scripture and talk of god over them in d.c. >> they are atheists or something? sean: juan, historically, it has been left wing groups. >> i think sean hannity should say, "i am not going to let the government pay for this. i am going to start a charity and have the american people pay for this, because i think the american people want "in god we trust" on it."
12:56 am
sean: is that in keeping with our creator? >> i like to irritate you, but i cannot irritate you on this one. i thought we were friends. a christian. >> in the obama economy, but they are hurting, and so they thought they would go out and sue congress today the atheists to get some money. >> we should just say, "you know what? go away at." too bad that we have to -- sean: liberal judges and activists, like sotomayor, and she will be there with her extreme -- >> wait a minute. i do not know. pro-life? now you are picking on me. sean: catholic doctrine, and i did go to seminary, juan, catholic doctrine.
12:57 am
>> go look at the statistics in this country. sean: barack obama would not support the act that would have given medical care and guarantee it for children of botched abortions. >> 55% of catholics apparently saw something else, sean. sean: that i did not see? i could not get over that reverend wright and bill ayers stuff. barack obama is hugo chavez. this is with daniel ortega and his diatribes. there are so many issues that we are dealing with with the economy that we have got a photograph of barack obama and shaking hands with moammar gaddafi, and gaddafi says the nuclear program of iran should be supported. why do i find that photograph troubling? >> late be, barack obama has been siding with the bad guys, or ttego and chavez.
12:58 am
it took him for ever to speak about what the iranians are doing with gunning down there people in the streets, and now we have gaddafi. the honduras double standard. sean: he has mellowed with israel, say they cannot bomb the nuclear sites -- he has meddled with them. he is lecturing them about what they cannot do. >> there are consequences if you go ahead with this. sean: that is not exactly how he said it. >> let me just say in defense of gaddafi, he stopped its nuclear program, and he did not say that iran should have nukes. let the international atomic energy people go in there and look. >> they are not letting them go in there and look. that is the problem.
12:59 am
sean: you are not as political as i am. >> no. sean: i know nothing about fashion. >> my theory, it did you say you can talk girlie thing -- my hearing, did you say that? now you two are going to play dolls and girlie things? >> you are jumping to conclusions. >> you go right at it, sean. sean: that is later. my wife is watching. she just emailed me. we are out time. absolutely meaningless. all right, that is all the time. it is your fault, juan williams. >> remember that a woman was >> remember that a woman was there,


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